A bit about me

Windfall means “an unexpected gift” because sometimes our opportunities to grow and learn and develop come from difficult life situations, and I wanted to honour that journey here.  What we believe can break us can turn out to be blessings in disguise that leads us to something better. We just have to look a little harder and we can find the unexpected gift.

I’m Soraya, an emotional wellness coach and life storyteller. My passion for self development came from my own journey of self discovery. I live in Cape Town, South Africa with my husband and three sons.

Windfall is a culmination of my journey.

I had a successful career in corporate communications for over 15 years working for global and local companies and also owned my own successful retail business. But something was always amiss. I enjoyed my career but everything felt harder than it needed to be. From the outside I looked like I had everything and I had it all together, but from the inside, life was another story. I wasn’t even aware. Thinking back it felt like I was operating on auto-pilot. I call it my self-induced coma.
When I was dealt a personal disappointment, life threw me off my rails. Finally faced with where my unconscious choices had taken me, what I had accepted, what I had walked away from and given up and what I felt I lost in myself, it was time to turn the tides. I was afraid of every step that lay ahead but I was willing to try anything and everything because for the first time I knew I wanted to be better for myself.

The aim of Windfall is to share honest, direct and actionable advice that helps you discover your own unexpected gifts.


i love to write about.

Emotional Wellness

What we believe about ourselves shapes the life we live, the love we give and how willing and able we are to receive. Emotional Wellness is about learning to understand how and why you make the choices you do, and move from a space of unconscious reactions to conscious decisions. I like to call this, learning to be a human 'me'ing.

The 40 rules

I understand, for many there's a lot of trepidation in reaching this milestone. What I've learnt is that there are no rules. Turning 40 comes with a new sense of self and I want to explore more of that here.

Moving Home & country

Moving home seems to be part of my make-up. During my childhood and teenage years I moved home about twenty times. And it seems its a bug you pick up because my family and I have moved five times over 15 years.